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Retaining Wall Construction

As a homeowner, you’re already planning many different house upgrades that must happen. But one area that gets frequently overlooked is retaining wall installation services. Retaining walls are usually not the first choice for home additions. Because they’re boring and often built out of sight, most ask what the point is of having them. But retaining wall construction is more than pure aesthetics. In fact, walls may mean the difference between a yard where nothing grows, and a lush, thick lawn. Sorbello Landscaping remains the affordable option in local Cape Code, retaining wall installations. When you need fast, reliable service and the lowest costs possible, look no further than us! See why more homeowners continue to trust our walls since 2006. No matter what the dimensions of your project may be, we get the results you need each time. Call now to schedule us for your yard’s retaining wall service. We promise better-protected yards for less on every job.

What Are Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls act as specialized barriers that prevent water from pooling areas of your yard, while fighting against erosion near your property’s edge. Some homes are even built on a ledge or drop off, which poses a significant risk of erosion damage. When you install retaining walls, however, it prevents unnecessary risks to passing pedestrians, neighbors, and family members. And your walls will even help your yard grow at peak performance! Depending on your home, you may even discover that retaining walls increase the amount of privacy you enjoy when outdoors. The best retaining wall installation may be just the thing to solve all your outdoor living needs! Call today for your best wall installations. We guarantee better protection from the elements for your yards!

How Do They Work?

Retaining walls operate as a secondary border that can help promote better lawn health, as well as increased soil structure. Although we think of the ground as a hard surface, much of it soon disappears after storms, wind, and just daily sun exposure. Over time, your yard withers away, and often without you taking notice. By the time the results catch your attention, it may be too late! Instead, retaining wall installations may prevent ground erosion, water runoff, and other lawn care concerns. And when done correctly, they’ll look great, too! For your best yard retaining walls, just call our team for the best results possible. No one else saves you on quality installations like Sorbello Landscaping.


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